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quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2011

Arvore de Natal numa sala de costura.....

Vejam que linda e Criativa a árvore que a Karen fez , click no google translate ao lado. 

Bjs e boa quarta feira.

Tool Time Tuesday...Sewing Christmas Tree

My mom had this tree in her kitchen at Christmas time for years and now it's in my sewing room for the holidays. It's a "half" tree...the kind that is flat on the back to hang on the wall. Well, I don't have one square inch of wall space left in my sewing room, so I hung it from a wreath hanger on the door.

Thrifty me didn't want to buy small ornaments for it, so what do I have hanging around my sewing room that's colorful...THREAD!!!

For this quick project, you will also need some buttons and thin wire and colorful spools of thread.

Take a piece of wire about 12 inches long and fold it in half.

thread the 2 ends of the wire through 2 of the button holes.

push until button reaches the folded end.

Now insert the 2 ends of the wire into the bottom of the spool of thread.

pull until the button is on the bottom.

Take the 2 ends of the wire...

separate, then twist the ends to create a loop.

All set to hang on the tree...should have added a pretty ribbon, but wasn't thinking!

Add one of the many tape measures we all have hanging around as a garland, my moms knitting needles and those cheapo plastic scissors that come in sewing kits.

I had the scissors from another project years ago. I needed parts of the sewing kit, but not the scissors. I knew they would come in handy some day.

This is why I save useless crap!

The tree is old so the trunk was missing...hmmm what's brown around here. Ahh, yarn that I'll never use, because I can't knit a stitch! See, it's not even called a's a purl.

Take the wrapper off and its the perfect trunk. Although, I think I like the wrapper on!

Hard to get a good picture with the bright sunlight behind the tree from the door. It needs a little something more for a filler, but for now it's good to go.

I'm sure we can all find something in our craft supplies or sewing things to decorate our little spaces. If there isn't room for a tree, how about adding the thread to a wreath!!!

Hope you can add a little Christmas cheer to your hobby space.

Happy Tuesday,

2 comentários:

  1. Suuuuuper criativa!! O tema muito nos interessa, né?! rs


  2. Minha querida! amei...quanta criatividade...realmente, é só soltar a imaginação e aparecem coisas simplesmente fantásticas bjs


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